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What type of drying kiln will satisfy your requirements? Selecting drying chamber, it is necessary to understand - drying chamber is acquired once and for a long time. This is serious acquisition and, after being decided on it, should be first of all to choose serious supplier. It, typically, has its own design and proposes a maximally complete spectrum of equipment. The benefit is obvious - nothing excess and the guaranteed balance of the acquired complex.

The company Balt KOMZ Service AS ( from 2016 BKS Technology OU)was founded in 1993. The first drying kilns were manufactured on the basis of standard sea container. The principle of the operation of drying chambers is based on use the narrow spectrum of IR emission in the vacuum with the low temperature conditions. During this time a lot of research and tests were carry out, we have achieved the specific results, and now we can say with certainty that the selected way was right. Our drying chambers, although the relatively small by the volumes of downloads, make it possible to effectively dry wood, including of exotic species and other different kinds of materials, such as coal, peat, agricultural products, meat and fish.

Our technology we are positioning as environmentally friendly, running on the electricity and preventing any ejections of pollution in the atmosphere.

We are glad to assist you in the selection of the best and economically advantageous solution for your specific tasks.

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